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  • Surfboard rental
  • Personal Instructor
  • Rodeo Flip Lessons

Bay of Life is the first accredited surf school to be set up in Tamil Nadu as well as Chennai’s first surf school. It has accreditation and certifications from the Surfing Federation of India and the International Surfing Association.

The Rodeo Flip Course is a relatively short course, but one of the hardest to successfully complete. A Rodeo Flip is one of the hardest tricks to pull off in terms of surfboarding stunts, and requires a great deal of physical training as well as acrobatic skill and balance in order to not wipe out.

  • The Rodeo Flip course is a 1 hour session that aims to teach you one of the basic, but difficult stunts in surfboarding.
  • You will need a certain level of experience to be able to master the trick successfully. Those who have completed the First Wave Course can sign up for this session.
  • Travel to and from Covelong Beach
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
Tour Specifics
  • Intermediate physical fitness and knowledge of swimming is required
Call or WatsApp for details +919803948555
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Rodeo Flip - Starts from Chennai, Tamil Nadu