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  • 1 open water dive
  • Instructor (Divemaster) charges
  • Equipment Rental
  • Boat Ride
  • Refreshments

Located about 150kms away from Chennai, Pondicherry is a city that has a unique persona that is very unlike most of the other cities in Tamil Nadu. It's archaic houses and rues are some highlights of the legacy left behind by the French colonial rule.

But Pondicherry has many hidden secrets, its ocean floors a treasure trove of mystery, waiting to be explored. Temple Adventures is the first and as of now, only PADI Scuba Diving Center located on the East Coast of India to offer deep-dive and open water diving facilities.

The Discover Scuba Diving package is aimed at giving those interested in scuba diving a taste of what the experience is all about. You don't need to be certified or licensed or even know how to swim. You get to explore the many nooks and crannies of Pondicherry's oceans, and uncover it's many secrets.

With dive locations named The Hole, Aravind's Wall and other wacky monikers, how could you not be excited about wanting to take a dive. The various colors and shapes of the local aquatic flora and fauna a mesmerizing treat for the eyes, and even more incentive for you to jump right in.

Day 1
  • The first day of the Discover Scuba Diving involves training yourself for your introductory dive
  • To start with, a Theory Session which will provide you with the basic information on Scuba Diving, the equipment and guidelines involved will take place
  • Following that, a 2 hour long Training Session in a tub will be held for you to familiarize yourself with the feel of deep sea scuba diving


Day 2
  • At 6:45am in the morning, the time for your first big dive into the ocean
  • As an inexperienced diver, you will be allowed to reach a depth of 12mtrs and experience the undersea in its element
  • The whole experience will last 5-6 hours. Post completion of the dive, you will be handed a Certificate of Recognition
  • Underwater photos available at extra charge
  • Transportation, accommodation & meals in Pondicherry
  • All equipment provided will have to be returned post dive
Tour Specifics
  • Minimum age of the diver : 10 years
  • Knowledge of swimming desirable but not necessary
  • Consumption of alcohol before a dive is strictly prohibited
  • Underwater photos can be bought at a price of Rs.500 paid directly at the Dive Site. Please bring a pen drive or USB stick to pick up your photos on the same day after your dive
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Discover Scuba Diving starts from Pondicherry