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  • Acro Tandem with an experienced instructor


Situated in the Western Ghats Kamshet is a hill station in Maharashtra located along the old Mumbai-Pune highway Being almost 2200 ft above sea level Kamshet is touted as one of the major hubs for paragliders and those wishing to learn how to paraglide

Being one of the primary paragliding operators in Kamshet Templepilots owns several training and advance level flying sites in the area all within a 10 km radius

Acro-tandem is a truly unique offering by Templepilots In this version of a tandem jump the pilot will take you through all sorts of stunts from high octane dives to loop-de-loops and all sorts of daredevilry this is for those that have a steely resolution

  • On reaching the Templepilots office you will be transported up the hillside to the Glide Site from where your Acro Tandem jump will take place
  • After a 20 minute safety brief get ready to soar through the skies as you strap yourself onto a glider with an experienced instructor
  • Once airborne the Instructor will take you through a series of G-Force drops and aerial acrobatics The Acro Tandem jump is all about getting that adrenaline pumping so be prepared for heart-stopping drops and pulse-racing spins
  • Once youre done with your gliding session you will have a chance to catch your breath and subsequently travel back down the mountain
  • Accommodation meals and transport to Kamshet
Tour Specifics
  • The Paragliding experience relies heavily on suitable weather conditions to be carried out optimally In case poor weather conditions are predicted you will receive an SMS a day prior to your activity date informing you that there is a cancellation On cancellation you will be offered a full refund or a choice to reschedule the glide
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Acro Tandem - from Kamshet, Maharashtra