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Alia willing to do a dil chahta hai remake with parineeti & shraddha

  • Mar 02 2016

The Tinsel town has always witnessed cat fights, mindless insecurity and ego issues. But when Alia admitted that she’s insecure about Parineeti Chopra on Karan Johar’s chat show, everyone appreciated her honesty.
She told a leading daily, “Two years back, I would have said, ‘Yes, I am very competitive.’ But I have grown up now. I am competitive in a way that I am very determined to do what I want to do, but not in a space where I am eyeing any particular person.”
A few years have passed and young girl has indeed grown up and gained a lot of experience. Nowadays, Alia is busy with her upcoming flick Shandaar opposite Shahid Kapoor.
When asked about her equation with Shraddha Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra she calmly said, there is no scope for catfights between them. She says she has grown professionally and is quite happy about it. “Both Pari and Shraddha are so talented, warm and beautiful. There is no need for me to exhibit a fake competitiveness, because it doesn’t exist. I guess it is just boring for the media to know that actresses aren’t fighting any more (smiles).”
Alia also expressed her willingness to do an all women film with Shraddha and Parineeti, preferably a Dil Chahta Hai remake. Well that sounds interesting! 
Alia has always chosen her scripts wisely and surprised the audiences with her excellent screen presence. Her upcoming flick Shandaar is also likely to leave a special impact amongst her fans.
All the best Alia!

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